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Sami Zayn showed up on Raw to create some doubt

There’s really only so much to write about Sami Zayn’s appearance on Monday Night Raw this week in Brooklyn, a nice little surprise that became a much nicer surprise when he called out Cody Rhodes and the two went back-and-forth over what’s to come in the next week (and maybe after). It was the kind of segment that needs to be seen to be appreciated:

WWE has two babyface stars who are both hot as hell at the exact time you want to have a babyface hot as hell to oppose the top heel in the company, who is also the WWE Universal champion. You could argue that’s a bit of a problem too, however, and to my eyes, this segment was a way to address that.

The problem: “how do we sell the idea that Zayn might beat Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber when Rhodes is already waiting for him at WrestleMania?”

The answer: This segment.

This didn’t feel like WWE setting up for Zayn to win the title and then wrestle Rhodes, or even like setting up for an audible to turn it into a triple threat, or even like setting up for Reigns to defend the title on both nights in Inglewood. Instead it felt like WWE trying to create a bit of doubt in the outcome of the main event of the next major PPV.

Did it do that? That’s for you to decide.

Either way, we got one hell of a segment out of it.

Here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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