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WWE NXT Deadline 2023 results, live streaming match coverage

WWE NXT Deadline is all set to pop off tonight (Sat., Dec. 9, 2023) at 8pm ET, live on Peacock and WWE Network! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT Deadline below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

NXT heads to Total Mortgage Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut for their latest premium live event. This one features men’s & women’s Iron Survivor Challenges, two title defenses, a Steel Cage match, and more! We can help get you up to speed on all that in our preview & predictions!

When the bell rings, kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs. And remember to keep refreshing!


Ilja Dragunov def. Baron Corbin
Kiana James def. Roxanne Perez
Trick Williams def. Dijak, Josh Briggs, Bron Breakker, and Tyler Bate in an Iron Survivor Challenge
Carmelo Hayes def. Lexis King
Blair Davenport def. Tiffany Stratton, Lash Legend, Kelani Jordan, and Fallon Henley in an Iron Survivor Challenge
Dragon Lee def. Dominik Mysterio
Axiom def. Nathan Frazer


But down here I’m so alone with my fear, with everything that I hear. And every single door that I’ve walked through brings me back... back here again. I’ve got to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

Axiom vs. Nathan Frazer

Test of strength, headlock takedown from Axiom, shift to a wristlock, Frazer rolls through to reverse, arm drag, headlock takeover and he’s in control! Shot off, springboard, off the ropes, shoulder block, drop down, pinfall attempt, only two. Backslide, another two, Nathan with a tijeras, shot off, ducking chops, Axiom with a dropkick, cover for two!

Up and over, reverse STO into the turnbuckles, both men down and out! Chops in the corner, Nathan ducks one and clobbers Axiom with his next, sending him to the mat! Into the opposite corner, running chop, snap suplex, cover... NOPE! Axiom with the octopus hold, reversed into a Cobra Clutch, falling back, bodyscissors are in!

Axiom reverses to a pin, Frazer kicks out, quebrada into the inverted DDT... STILL NO! Axiom with chops, a dropkick, waistlock, blocked, but he ducks a lariat and gets Nathan with the German suplex on the rebound and another nearfall out of it! To the floor, Axiom hits the Orihara moonsault!

Back up top, Frazer gets him with the superplex into the Final Cut... SO CLOSE! Nathan back up top, nobody home on the Phoenix Splash! Duck an enzuigiri, low superkick and Frazer stays in control! Quebrada, Axiom cuts him down with a kick, lines him up, runs right into a superkick!

Cover for two, Frazer up top, enzuigiri cuts him off, Spanish Fly connects off the top! Axiom lines him up...

Axiom wins by pinfall with Golden Ratio.

The main show kicks off with “Heartbreak Man” Shawn Michaels making his entrance and getting on the mic and making me pause my live Colony of Slippermen so I can hear whatever he has to say.

He welcomes us to the show and says he has one question for us— are we ready?

CM Punk makes his entrance and joins Michaels in the ring and on the mic.

Punk says he didn’t want to step on his gimmick if Shawn wanted to tell ‘em to suck it or whatever. Are we still doing that? HBM calls out his Bret Hart hoodie and CM says they made up and he made up with Triple H, anything is possible! Punk has good news and bad news.

Backstage people come up and say they grew up watching him and now he gets to take a selfie with Michaels because he grew up watching him, and he missed his flight and owes him a phone call and figured he’d do it now. Punk talks about what brand he’s going to sign with and an NXT chant gets going and then he gets them chanting his name and then his music plays and he hugs Shawn and honestly I feel like I just lost time but nobody really thought he’d sign with NXT so I guess SAYING it would be kind of mean.

Now we get the usual show-opening video package.

Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. Dragon Lee (NXT North American Championship)

Rey Mysterio is on commentary for this one.

Circling, forehead to forehead, duck a right hand, Lee throwing punches, tijeras, to the floor, Dragon off the ropes with a tope con giro! Back inside, running kick in the corner, inside out, cover for two! Fujiwara armbar, Dominik gets the ropes! Back body drop to the apron, Lee takes it hard and Mysterio puts him on the floor!

Right hand on the floor, back inside, drawing him up, hard whip into the corner! Body blows, Dom fires back a mat slam and throws some clothes at him. Stomps, punches, shimmying on the apron, slingshot senton back inside, cover for two. Reverse chinlock applied, Lee fights to his feet, Mysterio takes him right back down for another nearfall.

Up top, Dragon slips out, forearms, looking for the Tree of Woe double stomp to the outside... AND HE GETS IT! Both men down and out on the floor, referee counting, they barely beat the double countout! Lee with punches, whip reversed, flying forearm and a lariat from the challenger!

Fireman’s carry, slip out of it, superkick in the corner! Mounted punches, hesitation dropkick, kick sets up a double stomp... DOMINIK has a hand on the ropes! Back and forth, Tenryu Powerbomb from the champion... STILL NO! Catapult, Dragon set up on the second, Mysterio off the ropes, duck the 619! Looking for the Asai DDT, blocked, Liger Bomb... DOMINIK KICKS OUT!

Charging back in...

Dragon Lee wins by pinfall with the Asai DDT, becoming your new NXT North American Champion.

Blair Davenport vs. Fallon Henley vs. Kelani Jordan vs. Lash Legend vs. Tiffany Stratton (NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match)

Fallon Henley and Blair Davenport are in the match first and second.

Collar and elbow, Henley with a headlock takeover, quick cover, grinding her down in the side headlock. Trading nearfalls, sunset flip, reversed, back and forth, no deal! Davenport with a whip into the corner, back elbow, nearfall, axhandle and elbows to the spine. Kneeling surfboard applied, Henley fighting but Blair struggles and keeps control of her.

Roll through, upkick, mat slam, running kick from Fallon! Smashing Blair’s face into the turnbuckle as the countdown timer ticks...

Tiffany Stratton enters the match third.

Brawling on the floor and back in the ring, Davenport and Stratton soon end up teaming up on Henley, Tiffany taking her down with a lariat! Fujiwara armbar takedown, Blair grabs one of her own and they wrench back on Fallon in stereo but she won’t give! Double whip, corner body avalanches on Henley but Stratton takes Davenport out with a superkick!

Mocking her, turning back to Henley with a forearm smash, whipping Blair into her to stack ‘em up, back handspring back elbow takes ‘em down! Looking for covers in the aftermath, no deal, front kick on Henley, corner body avalanche into a snapmare, cartwheel into an Alabama Slam but Blair breaks it up and makes the cover herself...

Blair Davenport earns one fall, pinning Fallon Henley with a lateral press for a total of one fall.

The countdown timer ticks...

Kelani Jordan enters the match fourth.

Jordan with elbows, cartwheel double back elbow, Davenport blocks Overdrive, double back suplex attempt, Kelani lands on her feet, takes ‘em down, Overdrive on Stratton! Fighting with Davenport in the corner, double jump into the split-legged moonsault but Tiffany breaks it up!

Kelani sent to the floor, Henley returns from the penalty box a house afire hammering Stratton with elbows! Diving blockbuster follows it up, sliding elbow to Davenport, spin-out facebuster sets it up...

Fallon Henley earns one fall, pinning Tiffany Stratton with a kick for a total of one fall.

Jordan in with Henley, back and forth, bridging out of a pin, backslide for two. Kelani with elbows, boot Blair off the apron, arm drag from Fallon! Kneeling armbar, a knee on the side of Jordan’s head, she fights to her feet, off the ropes, duck a forearm, arm drag connects and Henley goes back to the armbar!

Tiffany returns from the penalty box, elbows in the corner, snapmare, cover on Fallon. Blair and Kelani fighting in the turnbuckles, Stratton cuts Davenport down, boots on Henley, the countdown timer ticks...

Lash Legend enters the match fifth.

Legend right into the crush... TOWER OF DOOM! Lash stacks ‘em up and pins ‘em...

Lash Legend earns two falls by pinning both Fallon Henley and Tiffany Stratton after a tower of doom, for a total of two falls.

Carrying both Davenport and Jordan, sending Blair to the floor, boot up from Kelani! Perching up top, diving tijeras and Lash is on the floor! Kelani with an Asai moonsault but she blasts the back of her head right into the announce table! Meta-Four come down to hold the penalty box shut and keep Henley and Stratton out of the match!

They try to climb out but just fight each other, Henley gets the advantage and perches atop the box, but Tiffany knocks her down and through the announce desk! Stratton takes everybody out with a dive off the box! Legend with splash on Blair, no deal, another one on Tiffany to the same ending! Picking Jordan up, swinging her to take the others out, powerbomb... KELANI REVERSES!

Blocking the sunset flip but Stratton comes in with a dropkick, double stomp, Henley breaks it up! Blair off the top with a double stomp...

Blair Davenport earns a fall, pinning Kelani Jordan with a diving double stomp for a total of two falls.

Legend with both Henley and Davenport in her arms, dribbling their heads into the ropes, Stratton takes her out with a dropkick, cover on Fallon but Lash breaks it up! Kelani back in, Stundog Millionaire, Legend throws Henley into the crush! Finlay Roll from Tiffany, off the top...

Tiffany Stratton earns a fall, pinning Lash Legend with the Prettiest Moonsault Ever for a total of one fall.

Jordan off the top with a 450 splash... HENLEY BREAKS IT UP! Fallon trying to steal a cover, no deal, half-crab on Stratton, Davenport with a sleeper, Kelani peels Blair off with a Dragon sleeper, into the corner, kicks, up top, Blair cuts her off! Davenport drives her down, cover on Henley...

Blair Davenport earns a fall by pinfall with a lateral press on Fallon Henley, for a total of three falls.

Lash Legend exists the penalty box and chases Blair as the countdown timer ticks...

Blair Davenport wins the match with a total of three falls, becoming #1 contender to the NXT Women’s Championship.

Post-match, Davenport cuts a promo about how she’s gonna win the title at New Year’s Evil, Lyra Valkyria comes out to confront her, and Cora Jade returns to blindside the champion and hold the title belt high in front of our new #1 contender!

Carmelo Hayes vs. Lexis King

Hayes denying a handshake, collar and elbow, shoved off, side headlock, shot off, big right hand and Carmelo unloads on him, sending King to the floor! Lexis takes control on the floor, back inside, right hands but he chopped the post on the floor so his hand is hurting!

Snapmare, kicks to the back, more kicks to the spine, half-crab applied! Backbreakers follow, King setting his own pace, he gets the handshake now but Melo flips the bird and lays headbutts in! Shoulder block into the corner, Lexis sets him up top, climbing to join him, avalanche Cactus Clothesline and both guys clatter to the floor and barely beat the count!

King with backbreaker after backbreaker, Hayes off the top...

Carmelo Hayes wins by pinfall with Nothing But Net.

Post-match, King gets on the mic and tells Hayes it wasn’t him that attacked Trick Williams, but he’ll thank him for that PLE spotlight.

Cora Jade is interviewed backstage.

She says she bets lots of women in that locker room are shocked to see her back and now that she’s back she’s gonna take this place to a whole new level. As for her next move, we’ll see her Tuesday.

We get a quick teaser for NXT Vengeance Day on Sunday, February 4.

Trick Williams is backstage when Carmelo Hayes rolls up and Trick says he owes him an apology and they’re good. He congratulates Melo on whipping King’s ass and says this is his time, and Hayes tells him to whoop that trick.

Bron Breakker vs. Donovan Dijak vs. Josh Briggs vs. Trick Williams vs. Tyler Bate (NXT Championship #1 Contender’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match)

Donovan Dijak and Josh Briggs start the match.

Off the ropes, big boys shoving match, Briggs blocks a kick, Dijak lands on his feet, off the ropes, big man tijeras takes Donovan off his feet! Josh in control, jockeying for position over a suplex and Dijak gets him over! Tall Don hits a chokeslam, cover... SO CLOSE!

Pressing the attack...

Donovan Dijak earns a fall by pinfall on Josh Briggs, for a total of one fall.

The countdown timer ticks...

Tyler Bate enters the match third.

Bate a flurry of offense, slipping out of a fireman’s carry, exploder suplex into the turnbuckles on the big man, cover... NOPE! Airplane spin, Briggs returns from the penalty box and blasts them with a boot! Sending Tyler to the floor, off the ropes...

Josh Briggs earns a fall by pinfall with a lariat on Donovan Dijak, for a total of one fall.

Fighting Bate on the floor, Tyler with a diving uppercut over the stairs, springboard uppercut connects, cover... SO CLOSE! Big splash, another nearfall, underhooks, Tyler Driver ‘97 connects but Dijak returns from the box and cuts him off! Tyler reverses...

Tyler Bate earns a fall by pinfall with a schoolboy pin on Donovan Dijak, for a total of one fall.

Bate falls into a cover on Briggs... NOT ENOUGH! Josh backs him into the corner, sleepr counters, Stunner to reverse and the countdown timer ticks...

Trick Williams enters the match fourth.

Sidestepping a dive from Bate, heel kicks on both big men, one for Tyler too, right hands on Briggs, whip reversed, leaping lariat on Bate! Catapult sends Briggs into Tyler, double neckbreakers, double pin... STILL NO! Tyler off the ropes, Swiss Death cuts him off, Briggs passes him into the corner, Dijak cuts him off, Trick charges in, Giant Baba brain chop, Bate breaks it up and all four men are down!

Tyler with an inverted airplane spin on Williams, spinning out into an Alpamare Waterslide but Briggs and Dijak both break it up! Bate off the ropes, suicide dive, on Briggs, Dijak takes Williams down with a jawbreaker, Tyler takes care of Donovan, rebound lariat on Trick, underhooks...

Tyler Bate earns a fall by pinfall with the Tyler Driver ‘97 on Trick Williams, for a total of two falls.

Bate and Briggs trading elbows as the countdown timer ticks...

Bron Breakker enters the match fifth.

Right in it...

Bron Breakker earns a fall by pinfall with a spear on Josh Briggs, for a total of one fall.

Bron Breakker earns a fall by pinfall with a spear on Tyler Bate, for a total of two falls.

Bron Breakker earns a fall by pinfall with a spear on Donovan Dijak, for a total of three falls.

Trick returns from the penalty box, off the ropes, big lariat takes Williams down, Steiner Recliner as the men in the box fight and break out of it! Trick gets away, slip out of the military press, Rock Bottom but Bron falls out of the ring! All four men on the floor, Williams dives and takes them out with a plancha!

Back inside...

Donovan Dijak earns a fall by pinfall with a lateral press on Trick Williams, for a total of two falls.

Frankensteiner puts Dijak into Bate’s waiting arms...

Tyler Bate earns a fall by pinfall with a Liger Bomb on Donovan Dijak, for a total of three falls.

Fireman’s carry gutbuster on Bate, cover for two! Bron takes Tyler down again but Briggs breaks it up! Josh and Trick trading elbows, Briggs and Dijak with goozles, double chokeslam on Bate! Throwing Williams into a lariat, double big men moonsaults...

Donovan Dijak earns a fall by pinfall with a moonsault on Trick Williams, for a total of three falls.

Josh Briggs earns a fall by pinfall with a moonsault on Bron Breakker, for a total of two falls.

Tyler with a tornado DDT on Tall Don but he rolls to the floor! Suicide dive follows, back inside, Josh and Donovan have him lined up but he ducks and they blast each other with boots! Breakker out of the box, Dijak chokeslams him through the announce desk! Bate and Briggs jockeying for position, Dijak gets under him, Williams rolls Josh up...

Trick Williams earns a fall by pinfall with a schoolboy on Josh Briggs, for a total of one fall.

Dijak gets Trick up, Feast Your Eyes but Eddy Thorpe pulls Williams out of the ring! Dijak turns and confronts him, Eddy blasts him with a punch, a gamengiri, Bate off the top, Spiral Tap, Trick with a jackknife pin...

Trick Williams earns a fall by pinfall with a jackknife pin on Tyler Bate, for a total of two falls.

Trick Williams earns a fall by pinfall on Donovan Dijak, for a total of three falls.

Trick Williams earns a fall by pinfall with a forearm smash on Bron Breakker, for a total of four falls.

The countdown timer ticks...

Trick Williams wins the match, having earned four falls and becoming the #1 contender to the NXT Championship.

Backstage we see Dragon Lee getting presented the NXT North American Championship by Rey Mysterio.

Josh Briggs flips out on Brooks Jensen, who gives both him and Fallon Henley a pep talk for how well they did.

Meta-Four roll up on them and a brawl breaks out!

Kiana James vs. Roxanne Perez (Steel Cage Match)

James hot out the gates, smashing Perez into the turnbuckles, climbing the steel, but Roxanne dropkicks the cage to knock her down! Perez gets caught and slammed into the steel, Kiana traps her hand in the chain link and kicks away at it! Cover for two, continuing to stalk after her and work Roxanne over in the cage!

Perez sidesteps a charge, Kiana goes into the steel hard, Roxanne follows it up with a dropkick, throwing her into the steel some more! Uppercut and a forearm, side Russian legsweep, Perez climbs the cage and perches up top but James pops up and climbs right up there with her!

Slugging it out atop the cage, back down, Kiana with a powerbomb off the bottom rope! Coast-to-coast powerbombs into the stee, but Roxanne reverses to Pop Rox when she gets back to the middle of the ring! Both women down and out, Perez slowly crawling over... NOPE!

James tries to leave through the door but gets pulled back in with a chair, Roxanne ducks, rolling solebutt, now she has the chair! Izzi Dame smashes the door on Perez’s face, Kiana takes it...

Kiana James wins by pinfall with a chair-assisted Codebreaker.

Baron Corbin vs. Ilja Dragunov (c) (NXT Championship)

Circling, collar and elbow, Corbin backs him into the ropes and breaks dirty with a headlock takeover! Dragunov struggling, into the ropes to force a break and he goes dirty with chops! Baron back to the headlock takeover, grinding him down, Ilja taking a knee before laying body blows in, shot off, shoulder block.

Back to the headlock takeover, grinding the bone of his forearm into the champion’s face! To the floor, Ilja with a German suplex, Corbin bounces his face off the announce desk after. Righting over a suplex, Baron wins out and drops him stomach-first across the desk! Back inside, suplex into the ropes, the Lone Wolf holding court as he presses the attack and grinds the Mad Dragon down.

Ilja up top, diving senton, nobody home and Corbin drops him with a diving clothesline... NOPE! Baron gets him up, Ilja fights out with elbows, waistlock, standing switch, again, Corbin spikes him with a DDT! Baron jawing at him, big uranage connects! Inverted facelock into a gutbuster, back to the facelock for a Dragon sleeper!

Upkicks from the champion break him free, goozle, counter the chokeslam with an enzuigiri! Knee Trembler stuns Corbin, Dragunov up top, diving senton connects but he’s slow to capitalize! Trading right hands, both men are down again! Dragunov clobbering him in the corner, facewashes, off the ropes, running facewash!

Both men down and out, Ilja with a forearm in the corner, drawing him up, jockeying for position, avalanche chokeslam from the Lone Wolf! Cover for two! Bodyscissors Dragon sleeper, Dragunov floats over, fireman’s carry... BLU-RAY! Corbin with a big nearfall, End of Days reversed, Ilja going for a powerbomb, he gets it with a release!

Dragunov up top... COAST 2 COAST! DDT follows, H Bombs into a straddle, hugging Corbin! Calling for it...

Ilja Dragunov wins by pinfall with Torpedo Moskau, retaining the NXT Championship.

Post-match, Ilja celebrates with the title when Trick Williams comes out to remind him he’s the #1 contender.

Carmelo Hayes comes out right behind him.

That’s the show, folks.

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