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Jey Uso knows who he wants to dethrone Roman Reigns, and it ain’t CM Punk

Jey Uso seems to be main eventing on the interview circuit this week, following up a soundbite-ful visit to The Bump by chatting with Daily Mail Sport’s Alex McCarthy.

He may have moved away from Bloodline business when he was traded to Raw after quitting the group, but Jey still wants to see the Universal championship stay in the family. Asked by McCarthy who he’d like to see end his cousin Roman Reigns’ history-making run with that WWE title, Uso said:

“I’d like to keep it in the family. I think Solo could be the next Tribal Chief but he’s got a little growing to do.”

Jey doesn’t mention his twin brother to McCarthy, which makes sense given that on The Bump he said, “Jimmy gonna get this work. You got an ass-whooping coming to you, Uce. Trust me”. Younger brother Solo Sikoa might not be ready, but Uso did call him a “top performer” who “gets” the business and soaks up knowledge “like a sponge”.

So who does that leave? Per Jey:

“But who knows? Maybe Sami Zayn could come back into it?”

And to anyone saying Zayn isn’t a big enough star to end Roman’s reign? Jey explained why he’s his second favorite Superstar... and #1 might surprise you!

“Sami is actually one of the top performers. Besides maybe The Miz, Sami is my favorite wrestler. If you pay attention to all of his promos and the way he acts, backstage, he’s top-tier man. I like to think my acting skills are alright, he’s crisp. He’s it.”

Miz? Who knew Jey had such good taste in wrestlers! But what about the man he said on The Bump is on “Tribal Chief status”? Well, he told McCarthy doesn’t mean CM Punk could take the actual Tribal Chief...

“Hell yeah, the Tribal Chief is ready to put anybody and everybody down, man. CM Punk might find out just like the rest did. It’s different when you get in there with the Tribal Chief.”

Jey’s willing to give Punk a shot at the man who might have become Tribal Chief at SummerSlam if not for his brother’s interference. He threw that out there while again praising Punk and WWE for bringing him back:

“In my mind, CM Punk is just a star. People are going to talk about him, so hell yeah he comes back. That’s what WWE is, no matter what we’re going to please the fans and make money - why wouldn’t you bring him in?

“I like the guy, man. He was here ten years ago and there was never any beef. If you’re in this profession, you have to have hard skin and be able to take critique well. You can’t get hot about any of this. So CM Punk is invited to my house, it’s all love. Let’s line it up. I’ll do an angle with CM Punk — I’m ready. I’m glad he’s back. Last time he was here I had paint on my face, I’m a different Jey Uso these days.”

Believe that?

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