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Jey Uso just planted a seed for a Roman Reigns/CM Punk feud

It’s not imminent, but a Roman Reigns/CM Punk program is reportedly on Triple H’s “to do” list now that Punk’s back in the WWE fold.

A match between The Tribal Chief and The Best in the World would pretty much sell itself, even if Punk had never said the words “make Roman look strong” on a podcast after his 2014 exit — and Reigns had never alluded to Punk’s words making his job “a lot harder” back in his Big Dog era. But during his appearance on The Bump today (Dec. 6), Roman’s cousin and former Bloodline member Jey Uso said something that can definitely used whenever WWE decides to start a Punk/Reigns feud.

While making a case for why Raw should sign “free agent” Punk, Main Event Jey compared the Straight Edge Superstar to the Undisputed WWE Universal champion (emphasis mine):

“Sign CM Punk. Like, why wouldn’t we sign CM Punk? I know he got a whole bunch of haters or whatever... if we gonna be honest — he’s a Superstar, first and foremost. People talk about him, and if it got anything to do with wrestling, his name’s in it. He’s like on some Tribal Chief status, Uce. He’s top guy regardless of whatever’s going on. So my invitation is open, man. Bring him, like, let’s go. Let’s run it, brah. I’ll be your first one to run with. It’s all good. It’s all love. Let’s go. Let’s run it. Welcome back though, CM Punk.”

Methinks Reigns isn’t going to like hearing “Tribal Chief” and Punk used in the same quote. Jey’s also generally saying Punk moves the needle, an idea Roman’s dismissed in the past.

Again, by all indications we’re months (if not a year or more) away from Reigns vs. Punk. But if/when we get there...

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