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Kevin Nash on what Triple H said about CM Punk in 2011: ‘I gotta beat this [expletive]’

Will stories from the former Diesel refuel an old rivalry between Punk and Triple H?

If there’s a pot to be stirred in the wrestling business, rest assured that a wrestler will find their way into the kitchen to keep a stew of dissension going.

Making his way into the cooking area this week is Kevin Nash, the former Big Daddy Cool Diesel, who had a few things to say about the return of CM Punk during his Kliq This podcast.

Some of it was in good fun, such as Nash saying “thank God” that Michael Cole had a hold of Seth Rollins, who went off on Punk following Punk’s comeback at the Survivor Series. Nash also joked that the reason Punk was looking at his watch when he made his return wasn’t because it was clobbering time. Instead, according to Nash, it was so Punk would have it down to the minute until WWE fired him again.

But it’s when Nash reveals why he didn’t wrestle Punk in 2011 that things get interesting.

A fresh start or a ticking time bomb? Time will tell.

At the time, CM Punk was making a huge name for himself after cutting a scathing promo dubbed “The Pipe Bomb,” in which he slammed the company from John Cena to Vince McMahon all the way to Triple H, who he referred to as a McMahon’s doofus son-in-law. After losing the WWE Championship following outside interference by Nash at SummerSlam in 2011, the two were to face each other until Triple H, unhappy with Punk, stepped in and relieved Nash of his duties.

“I know that when I was supposed to wrestle Punk,” said Nash, “he just got under Triple H’s skin so bad. [Triple H] just came up to me and just said, ‘I’m going to beat him. You’re not gonna wrestle him. I’m beating him.’”

Nash then laid it out straight, saying, “That’s why me and Punk never wrestled. [Triple H] said, ‘I gotta beat this fucker.’

It’s well known that Punk and Triple H had a contentious relationship then, which in part led to Punk storming out of the company in 2014. Since the Survivor Series, however, each man claims to have changed. Only time will tell.

Hopefully, Nash’s comments won’t tear open old wounds, though he wished all parties the best of luck in their new business relationship.

“You can say whatever the fuck you want about Phil [Brooks, Punk’s real name], and I hope for the WWE and for Paul [Levesque, aka Triple H] that it’s successful as fuck. And I hope for him it is,” said Nash.

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