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Jade Cargill: ‘I’m already ready... everybody should be patient’

WWE made a big deal out of signing Jade Cargill away from AEW in late September, but they haven’t done much more than tease her full-time debut since.

Some comments from Triple H at the post-Survivor Series press conference gave the impression Cargill wasn’t quite as television-ready as WWE thought before bringing her on board. Jade tried to reframe her new boss’ quote via social media.

In an interview with the Dallas Morning News conducted while she represented WWE at the Big 12 Championship Game in Arlington, Texas on Sat., Dec. 2 (another sign the company still sees her as a valuable asset, even if they aren’t ready to give her a mic or a match on live TV), Cargill gave a more in-depth answer:

“So, you want me to reveal what we have in the works it seems like. [Laughs] So, listen, I think the fan base should be patient. I think they need to understand we’re making a diamond. We’re creating something that’s gonna be a legacy. We’re creating something that’s going to create echoes and waves throughout not just the wrestling culture, but pop culture and beyond. They’re setting me up for success, you shouldn’t rush success.

“I’ve been on TV in front of thousands of people several times, one thing I know how to do is entertain a crowd. And no one — no one — can say different. I can do that. The WWE Universe knows exactly what they’re doing. I trust them. I believe in this system. And when they see me in that ring, understand, there’s no turning back. [WWE]’s believing in everything I’m doing, given me everything that I could fathom. And I’m going to be ready. I’m already ready. But again, it’s on my time, and everybody should be patient. And when I come, just understand I’m taking over.”

Patience isn’t really wrestling fans strong suit, Jade. But I guess we don’t have a choice.


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