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Lola Vice isn’t impressed by the LWO

The LWO’s Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro recently became the latest NXT alumnus to make a return to trip to the WWE Performance Center. They’re there to assist North American champ (and on again/off again SmackDown Superstar) Dragon Lee deal with No Quarter Catch Crew. But before they wrestle on next week’s New Year’s Evil special, they had a quick reunion with the one member of Legado Del Fantasmo that didn’t get a promotion to the main roster — Elektra Lopez.

Was it more than just a nice nod to continuity? Lopez has been palling around with Lola Vice lately, and she didn’t seem too interested in the hugs and well wishes between Elektra, Wilde & Del Toro. When Lopez introduced her, the Women’s Breakout Tournament winner all but rolled her eyes at Rey Mysterio’s crew:

On social media, there was no “all but” about it...

Definitely looks like something that could cause friction between the two badass Latinas. Question is... will that only be an issue on Tuesday nights? Or could Lola find herself allied with Escobar’s new crew along with the recently re-promoted Humberto Carrillo & Angel Garza on the blue brand?

Use the comments to let us know what you make of Vice thinking she’s better than the LWO. And on your way down there, check out our playlist of the rest of the highlights from the Dec. 26 NXT:

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  • Riley Osborne vs. Lexis King — Breakout Tournament Semifinal Match
  • Nathan Frazer vs. Bron Breakker
  • Tavion Heights vs. Oba Femi — Breakout Tournament Semifinal Match
  • Joe Coffey vs. Joe Gacy
  • Eddy Thorpe overcomes Dijak in an NXT Underground Match
  • FULL MATCH – Eddy Thorpe vs. Dijak — NXT Underground Match
  • OTM wants Chase U to pay up (Digital Exclusive)
  • Riley Osborne is headed to the Breakout Tournament Finals (Digital Exclusive)

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