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I just became an Axiom fan

We knew from spoilers that have been out for a week now that Bron Breakker would be wrestling Nathan Frazer on NXT television this week, we just didn’t know how they would get there. How they got there is what turned me into a fan of Axiom.


Frazer is shooting the shit with Axiom backstage, loudly proclaiming his joy that Breakker didn’t win “Male Superstar of the Year” in the NXT Year End Awards (full list of winners here) when Bron himself walks up behind him. Axiom tries to signal to him, it fails, and Breakker sets up a match between the two for later that he eventually wins with the Spear.

Because of course he would.

Back to the prior scene: it ends with Frazer turning back to Axiom and saying “you could have warned me!” Axiom, I shit you not, responds with “brother, I was winking at you.”

I love this guy!

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