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CM Punk is feeling grateful ahead of first WWE match in almost 10 years

WWE Survivor Series 25th Anniversary Party Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Tonight (Dec. 26), CM Punk is scheduled to wrestle Dominik Mysterio at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Its not something many would have predicted even a month ago, when fan anticipation and the rumor mill were at odds about whether Punk would return to WWE at Survivor Series. But he did, capping a tumultuous few years that saw him triumphantly return from retirement with AEW only to exit that company after two years of controversy (some of which is still swirling to this day).

And that’s without even getting into how weird it is that Punk will be wrestling someone who was in middle school the last time they shared a ring.

On the eve of his first WWE match in almost a decade at one of the business’ most iconic venues, Punk was feeling thankful about it all on Christmas. Working in his preferred medium of the Instagram Story, he posted this message to fans and the wrestlers that came before him (set to The Ramone’s “I Don’t Want To Grow Up”):

“Grateful for all the fans who have carried me to my greatest moments. Thankful for the legends that paved the roads I travel. I would’t be who I am without all of you. Thank you.

‘So goes the Garden, so goes the business’”

Grateful to have Punk back doing business for WWE at MSG?

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