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The Rock teases WWE return again

Remember it was just a few months ago that The Rock was telling everyone a match against Roman Reigns was “locked” for WrestleMania 39 but, obviously, it didn’t end up happening. Instead, Cody Rhodes squared up with The Tribal Chief in his attempt to finish his story.

He failed to do so, and much of his story since has revolved around fighting his way back to WrestleMania 40 to try again. That’s while Rock himself was still teasing that he could show up in Philadelphia for something (something Rhodes has claimed he isn’t worried about).

Well, Rock has been in the news plenty recently — for things ranging from an interesting new movie project to political parties apparently approaching him about running for President — but what caught our eye was a comment in a post about his visiting with children from Make A Wish:

“I LOVE pro wrestling so my time with Jayden was super dope!

I told him a little secret that may or may not involve some dude returning to WWE to lay the SmackDown on all their candy asses ”

We’re coming up on Royal Rumble and the start to WrestleMania season proper. If there’s a time for The Rock to return to WWE, it’s sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned.

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