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Drew McIntyre answers the hard questions

Drew McIntyre took to Tik Tok recently to answer a truly hard hitting question — after getting in shots at fans on social media who use insider terms incorrectly and the super mega ultra cringe folks who use pro wrestlers real names (when even he, a pro wrestler himself who works with these people, often doesn’t) — that absolutely needs an answer at this time.

What are the top three Christmas movies?


Replying to @Patrick Sloan Before I get into the best three Christmas films of all-time, a very, very, very important PSA to some fans out there… #WWE #Christmas #ChristmasMovies #Klaus

♬ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - neozilla

His honorable mentions: Jingle All The Way, Nightmare Before Christmas, Love Actually, Fred Claus

His top 3:

3. Elf
2. The Grinch
1. Klaus

I greatly appreciate that Jingle All The Way made at least the honorable mention list because, and I cannot stress this enough, that movie ruled so unbelievably hard. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad running around trying to find a Turbo Man toy, with the legendary Phil Hartman involved too? You can always count me in on that!

I’m also appreciative that he didn’t throw out something like Die Hard to avoid that entire silly debate about whether or not it’s a Christmas movie (it is, shut up).

What’s your top 3?

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