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Batista teams up with MrBeast to help abandoned dogs find homes

Former WWE Champion and Hollywood actor Batista, a noted Animal and animal lover, recently took time to help YouTube star MrBeast find homes for 100 abandoned dogs.

MrBeast, the online personality whose stunts, cash giveaways, and philanthropy have earned him over 221 million subscribers on the social media platform, took on the daunting task of rescuing 100 stray dogs. To assist him, he recruited Batista, who joined MrBeast’s team on day four, to help find homes for the remaining 31 hounds.

In the video, Batista, who owns four rescue dogs, immediately becomes attached to one pooch, Doralee, who was one of the last to find a family. He was going to take her home if no one wanted her. As she became the last dog at MrBeast’s super sanctuary, someone finally adopted her, but only after receiving Batista’s blessing.

The video, which can be watched here or seen below, shows MrBeast giving money to the dogs’ new families along with free pet food and pet insurance for the life of the dog. The YouTuber even got Batista to bark at some of the incoming patrons. When a woman asked how he was doing, Batista responded accordingly.


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