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An interaction between Roman Reigns & a young fan that’s worth acknowledging

WWE shared the following clip, presumably from the SmackDown taping in Green Bay last Friday (Dec. 15).

In it, an off-camera fan gets the attention of a seated Roman Reigns by yellIng, “You Suck”. The Undisputed Universal champion turns to ask, “You talking about me, young man?” When the fan confirms that and refuses to acknowledge the Tribal Chief, Reigns asks where his father is (Paul Heyman jokes that Roman is the boy’s “daddy”). Then he threatens to take off his title belt and spank his butt with it if he doesn’t watch who he’s talking to...

It’s one of those cool little moments that can happen when you attend a live wrestling show. It’s also a great example of how Reigns owns his current character — and how far he’s come from having to awkwardly try and play the company’s version of a babyface superman.

Believe that. Then acknowledge it.

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