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Ridge Holland apologizes for injuring Ilja Dragunov

WWE ran a controversial injury angle to close out this week’s episode of NXT, where the main event match of Ridge Holland vs. Ilja Dragunov was stopped by the refeee after Holland dumped Dragunov on his neck. Dragunov was stretchered out of the ring as Holland looked on in dismay.

This angle stirred up a lot of emotion in wrestling fans because it’s playing on a real-life situation from 2022 where Holland accidentally broke Big E’s neck on SmackDown. Big E may never wrestle again as a result of that injury, and Holland has received death threats over it.

With all of that in mind, Holland continued the story last night on social media by posting the following brief apology to Dragunov:

Ridge’s claim that “This [is] not who I am” will likely be a focal point of the story going forward, as Holland grapples with his role in potentially causing another devatasting neck injury to a WWE wrestler.

There are a lot of wrestling fans who consider this a tasteless angle that never should have happened, while others think pro wrestling is more interesting with storylines like this that have some basis in reality and/or try to take fans out of their comfort zone.

How do you see this controversial Ridge Holland NXT angle playing out from here, Cagesiders?

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