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Ridge Holland is back in NXT, and already injured the champion

Remember a few weeks ago on Friday Night SmackDown when Ridge Holland walked out on Butch and it seemed The Brawling Brutes had broken up? Well, the man himself showed up on NXT television this week saying he’s back to find himself (although they still announced him as representing The Brawling Brutes, so take that for what you will).

A common theme for main roster stars coming back down to the developmental promotion.

Holland told a story of a snakebitten man, a guy who has had one hell of an unfortunate run of luck during his time in WWE. His belief, then, is that he can discover a new path by going back to where he came from and testing himself against the best NXT has to offer.

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov.

They set up a match for later in the show, and, well, they took things in a most interesting direction, especially considering Holland’s stated goal was to redeem himself.

Indeed, they did a spot where Holland dropped Ilja on his head and the NXT champion stiffened up and was loudly moaning in the ring. The referee stopped the match, medical personnel hit the scene, and Dragunov was taken out on a stretcher, all while Ridge looked distraught in the corner.

It was clear this is all part of the story, considering how it was executed. It’s just an, uh, interesting story to tell considering Holland actually broke someone’s neck and that man will likely never wrestle again.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where this goes.

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