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Becky Lynch wants to retire in WWE: ‘It’s my home’

Becky Lynch is reportedly one of several big stars whose WWE contract will be expiring next year. The Man must feel pretty confident the TKO brass are going to make her a great offer, because otherwise she just seriously undercut her negotiating position.

Doing press in support of the Boston stop on WWE’s upcoming Holiday house show tour, Lynch spoke about her relationship with the company in glowing terms on Strutting From Gorilla. She made it sound like she never has any intention of leaving:

“Oh yeah, absolutely [WWE is where I wants to end my career]. Absolutely. Absolutely.

“Look, growing up, WWE is what I watched, it’s what I loved, it is the reason I became a professional wrestler. Now having been in it, I love it. I love it. I love the people. I love the audience. And I love being able to have been an important part of change. And I love that I get to continue to drive that and that my voice matters in WWE.

“I feel listened to, and I feel like we have been able to change the landscape of women’s wrestling forever. And that feels very special to me. It’s my home. It’s where I really was — kind of where I was born as a professional wrestler in many ways in terms of my influence, and it’s where I’ll retire.”

It’s an understandable position. Lynch has been marketed as an important piece of WWE’s “Women’s Revolution/Evolution” since her time in NXT. Of NXT’s Four Horsewomen, it took her the longest to really find her place on the main roster. But an attempt to turn her heel in 2018 turned her into one of the company’s hottest acts — and led to the first women’s main event at WrestleMania the following year — and she’s never looked back since.

And there’s not really another option out there for women wrestlers looking for that kind of spotlight. Impact/TNA will push them, but on smaller stages and without the pay WWE offers. AEW might match an offer, but women’s wrestling has never felt like a priority for Tony Khan.

So while Becky hasn’t always seemed thrilled with the way WWE presents her, those have just been bumps in the road. Overall they’ve booked her as well as any woman in the history of the business.

It’s hard to walk away from that.

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