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Jey Uso’s YEET trademark issue gets its own merch

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Fans noticed when Jey Uso’s “YEET” shirt was blurred out in a video package on the Dec. 4 episode of Raw. By the next day, WWE Shop’s existing stock of the shirt was gone and there was no indication it would return.

Reports followed of an existing trademark filing for the term by an independent wrestler, Uso avoided using the word during an interview appearance or two, and it seemed Jey & WWE were out of the YEET business.

By the following weekend, though, Jey was back to YEET-ing — even plugging the shirt again on social media. Then he had it on while getting the crowd to use it as a catchphrase on the Dec. 11 Raw. While we never got a definitive report on what happened, it seemed the trademark issue had been resolved. WWE & Uso were back in the YEET business.

During last night’s episode, the graphic on Jey’s T was blurry again. Apparently it threw people enough that USA Network’s social media team addressed it so fans wouldn’t complain to them about it:

And sure enough, WWE will sell you some merch based on their brief hiccup over the YEET trademark...

You’ve got to love the pro wrestling business. Commemorate the week when Jey Uso couldn’t YEET with a shirt here.

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