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Sorry, JD... R-Truth is definitely in The Judgment Day now

McDonagh’s place in the group is more uncertain after he lost the ‘Loser Leaves Judgment Day Miracle on 34th Street Fight’ to Truth on WWE Raw.

Everyone but R-Truth knew he was booked in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight against JD McDonagh last night (Dec. 18) on Raw. He was already on-board when he learned about it from McDonagh, but then he added another wrinkle. Neither McDonagh or Rhea Ripley liked Truth’s idea of making it a “Loser Leaves The Judgment Day” match, but Damian Priest did — and Dominik Mysterio & Finn Bálor were with him.

(Why did Truth think he was “in” Judgment Day after the Priest-led beatdown he caught the week before? Because that was his initiation, obviously.)

The match* was going more or less the way JD thought it would... until Truth recovered enough to slam him through a table by more or less falling forward while they were scrapping on the top turnbuckle.

The boys enjoyed clowning McDonagh for his loss, but Priest clarified that he’s not out of The Judgment Day. “For now”, anyway. The group’s newest member pretty much agrees, as Truth told Jackie Redmond on Raw Talk that there are lots of chores for JD to do around the clubhouse. Oh yeah, and Truth also says he’s definitely in The Judgment Day now...

We’ll leave it to DP & Rhea to sort this out between now and Day 1.

* It was gimmicked all the way to the North Pole, sure. But let’s take a moment to appreciate how good Truth looked in the ring... at 51 years old and after 13 months on the sidelines recovering from a torn quad. He’s one of the best comedic performers in the history of the business, and a great, seemingly ageless, wrestler too.

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