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One hell of a last minute promo from The Miz

The Miz will be getting what could be his last shot at GUNTHER and the Intercontinental championship on Monday Night Raw this week. WWE released the following video from the challenger, and it’s one hell of a last minute promo for the match:

“When you’ve been in WWE for as long as I have you don’t think about losing; when you’ve had successes that I have had, you don’t think about losing. Now, granted, I’ve had more failures than I have had successes in WWE, there is no doubt about that, but in my failures I have learned, and I have been driven, and I have figured out how to be on top in WWE. And whenever, say, Survivor Series, I give it my all, give everything I have, and I still lose, it teaches me something about not only my opponent but about myself.

“Now, it’s bigger than ever. Because if I don’t succeed, if I don’t win, then that’s it. Because who knows? If I don’t beat Gunther then who will? Who will stop him? The stakes are if I lose I never get to challenge Gunther for the Intercontinental championship ever again. That is a title that I have loved ever since I was a child. All my heroes have held that title. I have held that title eight different times, one more and I am tied for the most, 25 more days and I have held that title the most. And my heroes, the legacy of that championship, means so much. There’s a reason why I tried to make it the most prestigious, most relevant title in all of WWE and I will continue to make sure that it is the most prestigious and relevant title in all of WWE.

“Tonight, Gunther, I am not playing. I am doing whatever it takes to bring that title around my waist home.”

Follow along with it all tonight right here.

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