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CM Punk trash talked Dominik Mysterio from his MMA commentary gig

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He signed with Raw, which means CM Punk isn’t going to get minutes on SmackDown to cut promos on a regular basis* any more.

But Punk has another job that gives him a live microphone on roughly one Friday night per month. Cage Fury Fighting Championship, the mixed martial arts promotion Punk calls on UFC’s Fight Pass subscription streaming service, was in Atlantic City last night (Dec. 15) for their final show of the year. And as CFFC 128 was going off the air, he got in a plug for one of his upcoming house show matches against Dominik Mysterio.

Punk made reference to the long-term storytelling™ behind his rivalry with Dirty Dom, too...

“Come out to the LA Kia Forum, watch me beat up Dirty Dominik. I’ve been wanting to punch this kid in the face since he was eight years old. Now he’s legal, and I’m gonna destroy him.”

We’re sold. You?

* He’ll probably still show up on occasion. Being a Raw Superstar hasn’t stopped Cody Rhodes from appearing on FOX when WWE wants him to.

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