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WWE tried out something new at last night’s SmackDown tapings

Looks like we might be about to get a new WWE show — possibly one that you’d watch via a digital media service rather than a television network.

That’s just speculation, however. Here’s what we know: at the SmackDown taping in Green Bay, Wisconsin last night (Dec. 15), before the live broadcast on FOX, a “WWE Speed” logo appeared on the LED video boards around the ring and arena. A countdown timer was part of the graphic everywhere but the ring posts.

Matches held during Speed had a five minute time limit. According to reports, the winner of one of these five minute matches received one point. Losers lost a point, and in the event of a draw no points are awarded. What does the person with the most points get? Over how many matches/shows will they accumulate points? We don’t know! Last night, Cedric Alexander beat Axiom...

...and Bronson Reed defeated Nathan Frazer in Speed matches:

Corey Graves & Kevin Patrick called both matches, which is one reason we’re assuming this will be available for home viewing at some point. The other, and the reason there’s some speculation this could be for a platform like Twitch or TikTok, is because it reminds us a bit of the old Mixed Match Challenge show WWE did for Facebook.

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