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Reports: ‘Absolutely no heat’ on Liv Morgan for marijuana possession arrest

The arrest of former WWE Women’s titleholder Liv Morgan (real name Gionna Daddio) in Florida on Thurs., Dec. 14 for possession of marijuana, synthetic cannabinoid & drug equipment generated headlines and a great deal of discussion in the wrestling community. What it didn’t generate, according to multiple reports, was any heat for Morgan with her employers at WWE.

Fightful Select was told precisely that, with a WWE staffer telling the site, “Liv has not been on TV, did not alter creative plans, and was honest about the situation. There are no issues with her whatsoever.”

PWInsider fleshed that out, reporting that while Morgan’s arrest wasn’t widely known about within the company, “several top executives were aware and had spoken with Morgan the day after the arrest”.

More than that, Insider says WWE officials were expecting Morgan would be cleared to return from her shoulder injury before WrestleMania and had her “pencilled in” to 2024 creative plans. Her arrest is not believed to have changed those plans.

Questions seem to exist about the circumstances of Morgan’s arrest, per Insider. For instance, the site heard one story claiming the synthetic marijuana was found in a vape pen that didn’t belong to Morgan. That’s likely why they were told “WWE is waiting for the legal process to play out.”

The arrest also doesn’t seem to have upset the locker room. “A top star” gave Fightful a quote, saying, “Everybody liked Liv before, everybody still likes Liv. We’ll get our jokes off, and she’ll get hers off, and nobody will be thinking about it soon enough.”

More to come, certainly.

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