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Here’s Lola Vice with fellow ‘shooter’ CM Punk

CM Punk is hanging out at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando this week, reportedly providing tips and feedback to NXT talents during a busy week (they had Deadline last Saturday, a live episode of television last night, and arew taping their holiday shows today).

It’s a move that demonstrates how invested he was in a coaching & mentoring role at AEW, until everything went wrong due to what seemed to be some combination of his approach/teaching style, members of that roster not being terribly interested in receiving his advice, and his reaction to their disinterest. Or it’s a public relations move designed to demonstrate that as he rehabilitates his image after being fired by AEW owner Tony Khan. Maybe it’s both.

Regardless, it’s happening, and seems to be going well. It’s definitely given us this picture of Punk with a WWE Superstar who has a better professional mixed martial arts record than his...

NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament winner Lola Vice was 4-1 in the three years she spent fighting for Bellator. New Raw Superstar Punk was 0-1 in two fights with the UFC during his hiatus from pro wrestling.

It gave the pair of “shooters” something to bond over, and Vice sharing the picture presumably means she’s more Will Hobbs than Jack Perry when it comes to sitting under Punk’s learning tree.

We’ll wait for more reports on how others in NXT are taking to their unofficial new coach, because you know they’re coming. For now, enjoy the pic.

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