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CM Punk’s first match back in WWE could pay off a 13 year old angle (UPDATED)

When CM Punk declared himself for the 2024 Royal Rumble match last night (Dec. 11) on Raw, it looked like that might be the first in-ring action of his second WWE run.

But it looks like he'll work at least once before Jan. 27 in Tampa. Los Angeles’ Kia Forum is advertising a Punk match for the Dec. 30 house show being held there, and it’s against one of the most hated heels in WWE...

... which is pretty remarkable, because the roles were reversed when Punk worked with Dominik Mysterio during his first run with the company. That would be when the Best in the World was leading the Straight Edge Society and trying to goad Rey Mysterio into facing him. To do so he crashed the Mysterio family’s celebration of Rey’s daughter Aalyah’s birthday, resulting in this all-time great segment...

It’s a moment Punk and Dom have had some fun with on social media this year...

... now they’ll get a chance to settle it in the ring. Here’s hoping this is just the first match of the Punk/Dirty Dom feud. People outside of Southern California deserve to see this years in the making epic.

UPDATE: People in the NYC area will also be able to see it, as they’re running it at Madison Square Garden on Boxing Day, too.

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