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WWE wrote Sami Zayn off for a while

On the Dec. 4 Raw, Drew McIntyre’s road to a WWE World Heavyweight title shot went through Sami Zayn. In his current, ruthless form, that didn’t just mean beating Zayn, it meant targeting his knee while and after defeating him in the ring.

A report came out later in the week saying this was done to give Sami some time off, at his request. The update we got about Zayn’s condition on Raw last night (Dec. 11) indicates that report was accurate.

Ahead of a match with McIntyre, Jey Uso sent a message a get well message to Sami while Drew apologized for leaving Zayn with only one good leg. Lead commentator Michael Cole informed us that Sami is still being evaluated, but that he does have a partially torn meniscus and will be out for the foreseeable future.

Zayn was part of a crowded World Heavyweight title picture on Monday nights. With McIntyre’s shot at Seth Rollins booked for Day 1 and a feud between Rollins & CM Punk almost sure to follow, WWE can afford to give Sami whatever time he needs.

Now, we’ll just wait for that return pop next time “Worlds Apart” hits the speakers.

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