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Seth Rollins is calling himself ‘The Best in the World’ on WWE house shows

We’ve yet to get anything close to a face-to-face interaction between Seth Rollins and CM Punk, but WWE is using every tool at their disposal to build toward that moment.

Last week, Rollins nurtured the seeds he’d planted before Punk even returned to the company with an impressive worked shoot podcast interview. Punk did his part on the Dec. 8 SmackDown, taking a couple jabs at Rollins while running through a list of potential opponents and allies for his second WWE run.

Fans can tell WWE has something planned, and are doing their part by chanting for Punk during Rollins’ promos on the house show circuit. When it happened over the weekend, the reigning WWE World Heavyweight champ added a new wrinkle to his trash talk. In addition to pointing out the former AEW star’s absence, Seth disputed Punk’s claim to being “the Best in the World”.

Here he is doing it Saturday night in Upstate New York...

“Look, he’s the Best in the World, right? [laughs] Nah, nah, nah — in all seriousness [hold up his belt], I’m the freakin’ Best in the World. Because every single town, every single night, it doesn’t matter the opponent. I show up and I show out!”

And last night is central Pennsylvania, he said he didn’t want to talk about “that bum”. But after telling the fans how grateful he & everyone in the back was that they showed up, he still referred to himself as “the real Best in the World” while getting the crowd to sing his song one more time:

Punk’s on Rollins’ show tonight to announce whether he’s “signing” with Raw or SmackDown. Think we’ll get a moment between the two of the World’s best? Join us in our live blog and we can find out together!

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