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Jey Uso may be back in the YEET business

Just this past week, quite a few folks noticed Jey Uso’s “YEET” t-shirt was blurred out in a video. Stories quickly made the rounds that a trademark issue related to the phrase meant WWE was going to abandon all usage of it going forward.

They, effectively, were getting out of the YEET business.

That certainly wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, all things considered. It would be unfortunate though, considering just how much Jey managed to get it over during this latest babyface run as a singles wrestler.

Well, there may be some good news on that front:


That would be Jey himself posting on his Instagram stories the very same shirt that was blurred out in the aforementioned video writing that “it’s back.” That would seem to indicate WWE worked through whatever trademark issues they had to in order to ensure our beloved Main Event star can keep doing his thing.

YEET, Uce.

Sorry, Roman Reigns.

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