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Undertaker admits he was wrong about today’s WWE being ‘soft’

Nearly three years ago, the Undertaker went on Joe Rogan’s podcast with a really bad take on today’s WWE product being ‘soft.’ Several wrestlers like Xavier Woods and Drew McIntyre quickly pushed back on Taker’s nonsense, pointing out that today’s wrestlers generally make healthier life decisions than workers from Taker’s time, while still dealing with the extremely demanding physical requirements of their craft.

Here we are a few years later, and the Undertaker now admits that he was wrong. On his Six Feet Under podcast, Mark Calaway says it was hard to accept, but he realizes that the pro wrestling business is now smarter, not softer.

Here’s what he had to say about it, courtesy of Fightful’s transcription:

“It’s amazing now, all the protocols that are in place. We’re treated, today, like NFL players, NBA players, Major League Baseball guys. There are a list of protocols that you have to clear once you get injured before you get back in the ring. Back in the day, we didn’t have trainers that traveled with us. If somebody had a roll of white athletic tape, that was the trainer because he had something that you could possibly use. Nowadays, we have two or three trainers that travel, we have doctors that travel, concussion protocols. I have to be honest, for me, it was hard to accept that at first because it was ‘ah man, everything is getting soft now.’ I appreciated that badge of honor, as silly as that sounds. It was hard for me to accept that. ‘Man, our business is getting soft.’ It wasn’t getting soft. It was getting smarter. I’m glad that I was part of the generation that led into that because, today, you see the referee and they throw the X up, you know something bad has happened. You’re not going to get a bunch of blood in the ring. If someone is concussed or injured to a point, the match is going to stop and the athletes are going to be treated the way they need to be. Even with all that going on, the wear and tear and the risk of injury is crazy.”

Kudos to the Dead Man for having an open mind on this topic and being willing to reevaluate his original opinion.

So there you have it, Cagesiders. Do you agree with the Undertaker’s take this time?

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