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Logan Paul puts his naked body all over the WWE United States championship

YouTube megastar Logan Paul used brass knuckles to win the United States title from Rey Mysterio at this past weekend’s (Nov. 4) WWE Crown Jewel premium live event in Saudi Arabia.

Now that he holds the belt, Logan isn’t wasting any time introducing it to his naked body. Here are some pictures Logan posted on social media showing off that champ life, which includes him sleeping with the belt and showering with it, among other things.

Some people are grossed out by the thought of Logan’s penis touching the United States championship, while others think that maybe he’s actually a never-nude, and the US belt now gives him a more obnoxious way to tackle that problem.

Either way, this douchebag is now the champion of America, at least until someone like Kevin Owens or LA Knight steps up to do something about it.

How long do you think Logan Paul’s run with the gold will last, Cagesiders?

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