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Ricochet isn’t the only injured WWE wrestler in ‘concussion protocol’ right now

Earlier this week, WWE wrestler Ricochet was “rocked” during a 4-way match on Raw, which led to a botched finish. A lot of folks speculated that Ricochet suffered a concussion during that match.

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer clarified that Ricochet is indeed in concussion protocol right now due to the injury, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he was diagnosed with a concussion:

“It’s concussion protocol. As far as I know, it was not diagnosed as a concussion, and he’s fine, but....he doesn’t remember a lot of the match.”

Meltzer’s co-host Bryan Alvarez followed up by explaining that NXT’s Fallon Henley is also in concussion protocol after she was injured in a match this week against Tiffany Stratton:

“Fallon Henley also is in concussion protocol.

...I’m 99% sure that it was the end of the match, because Tiffany was going for the PME...she thought Fallon was in the right position. But as she goes for the move, I think Fallon thought that she was in the wrong position, because you can see her scoot south a little bit, and she scooted the wrong way, and Tiffany landed on her face. And she just smashed her head on that moonsault. And, I mean you could see immediately when she hit that moonsault. Like, Fallon’s head bounced off the mat...I’m almost certain that’s where it happened.”

As is typically the case with concussion protocol, we don’t have a timeline for when either Ricochet or Henley will be cleared to get back in the ring.

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