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Dominik Mysterio is incredible

It remains amazing to me that Dominik Mysterio has blossomed into an all around talent for WWE. His early days running around with his father, Rey, looked less than promising, but he’s really come into his own and his time with The Judgment Day has been a godsend for his career in general.

He does a lot of things really well, including the little things you may not even notice on first watch. That was the case on Monday Night Raw this week, and I’m thankful for WWE posting a YouTube Short to better showcase this incredible moment:

While Damian Priest is dressing down JD McDonagh about not even buying the Priest merchandise he’s wearing, Mysterio, in the background, also wearing Priest merch he definitely did not purchase, looks right at Damian with wide eyes while closing his jacket hoping the big man doesn’t notice.


He’s not reinventing the wheel here, of course, but that he did this at all is fantastic and that look on his face cracks me up each time I let the video replay.

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