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Drew McIntyre showed up to Raw just for this

I fully recognize there’s much more to the job of being a WWE star than what we see on television, and the wrestlers are doing an awful lot more than we are seeing each Monday and Friday night. Having said that, I always love the idea that a wrestler is sometimes booked for a show where he actually appears on screen and he does next to nothing with that appearance.

That’s exactly what we got with Drew McIntyre on Monday Night Raw this week.


He arrives to the building, is asked about losing to Seth Rollins in their world heavyweight championship match at Crown Jewel right as he’s getting out of his truck, sighs, rolls his eyes just a bit, gets right back in his truck, and then drives off.

That was his night’s work.

Again, I know better, but the idea of as much tickles me pink.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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