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WWE NXT results, live blog (Nov. 7, 2023): The Lyra Valkyria era begins

Here's a place to check the results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8 pm Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Advertised for the Nov. 7 show from the WWE Performance Center: New NXT Women’s champion Lyra Valkyria makes her first appearance since dethroning Becky Lynch on night one of Halloween Havoc!

Noam Dar will also defend the Heritage Cup against Akira Tozawa, and Von Wagner is out for revenge when he faces Bron Breakker!

Plus, we start down the road to next month’s Deadline premium live event with two Iron Survivor qualifying matches announced by WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley: Tiffany Stratton vs. Fallon Henley and Dijak vs. Tyler Bate! And more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. A running record of everything that happens will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Napalm showers showed the cowards we weren’t there to mess around. Through heat exhaustion and mind distortion, a military victory mounted on innocent ground, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a recap of last week’s show.

Akira Tozawa vs. Noam Dar (c) (NXT Heritage Cup)

Round One

Collar and elbow, Dar with a waistlock takedown out of it, Tozawa reverses to an armbar and then a wristlock, Noam reverses to a front chancery, shoulder armbreaker, single leg into a kneebar, Dar pulls his headband over his eyes and wrestles him into a cover for two!

Into the ropes, off the ropes, sunset flip denied, schoolboy, Dar kicks out, side headlock, shot off, drop down, Noam kicks his leg out of his leg! Akira comes back with a straight suplex, up top, twenty seconds on the clock, the rest of Meta-Four distract him and he hops down to the floor!

Dar behind him, back suplex on the floor, back inside, up top, Noam with him, superplex at the bell!

Round Two

Tozawa looking for a kneebar, getting a deep cover, Dar trips him up, handful of tights...

Noam Dar earns the first fall by pinfall with a schoolboy and a handful of tights.

Dar with a cheap shot at the bell and we go to break!

Round Three

Back from commercial right as the timer counts down and the round ends with Dar doing some ground and pound!

Round Four

Tozawa slings him to the floor, suicide dive connects, back inside, a dive for Oro Mensah, too! Dar reverses and posts Akira, but Tozawa ducks a kick and the champion’s foot goes into the steel! Victory roll pin, shift to an ankle lock in the middle of the ring...

Akira Tozawa earns the second fall by submission with an ankle lock.

Round Five

Big boots in the corner, Backdrop Driver... DAR KICKS OUT! Back elbow, Noam gets two, Tozawa with a victory roll for two, the Everest German suplex... STILL NOT ENOUGH! Dar with a kneebar, Akira posts up and reverses, another German suplex! 540 enzuigiri, dragging him into the corner, going up top, Oro runs interference and Lash Legend pulls Noam out of the ring to avoid the senton!

Back inside, Dar is ready...

Noam Dar wins by pinfall, earning the third and final fall by pinfall with Nova Roller, going 2-1 and retaining the NXT Heritage Cup.

Post-match, Mensah jaws at Tozawa and Alpha Academy surrounds him! Maxxine Dupri with a slap, Chad Gable with a German suplex, Otis Dozovic off the ropes with a big splash and they all hug Akira!

We toss to Instagram video of Mick Foley announcing qualifiers for the Iron Survivor Challenge.

Lyra Valkyria is shown walking backstage to send us to break.

Back from commercial we get footage of Lola Vice lording it over the locker room. Kelani Jordan cracks that the contract is half Elektra Lopez, Arianna Grace tries to be inspirational, and Roxanne Perez rolls up to congratulate her and warn her that it doesn’t mean she’s automatically going to become champion.

Lyra Valkyria makes her entrance and gets on the mic.

She greets the crowd and puts Becky Lynch over. She says they both brought it but what she’ll remember most is how the crowd made it feel like magic and they showed the world what a main event women’s title match is all about. She knows the locker room is packed full of hungry competitors who want to take the title from her, and all their eyes are fixed on the Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadline—

Xia Li makes her way through the crowd and Lyra tells security to let her through. Xia asks if she saw what she did to Becky last night and lays out a security guard with a crescent kick! Valkyria holds the title up and seemingly accepts the challenge!

We get a hype reel for Tyler Bate.

Fallon Henley is getting ready backstage with Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen, and she says she’s gonna beat Tiffany Stratton.

Tiffany Stratton makes her entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get some hype for Elimination Chamber tickets going on sale.

Backstage, Chad Gable gives Akira Tozawa a pep talk about unlocking his potential and Maxxine Dupri says they’ll be back next week.

Drew Gulak and his ersatz Catch Point roll up to talk some trash. He puts Damon Kemp, Myles Borne, and Charlie Dempsey all over as exemplifying grappling virtues, Otis thrusts his hips a bunch, Drew gets upset about the shush and Dozer challenges Gulak to a match later tonight.

Referee Darryl Sharma leaves “Heartbreak Man” Shawn Michaels’ office and is interviewed and says that Shawn told him to use his discretion and ensure there is a definitive winner in tonight’s match between Bron Breakker and Von Wagner.

Fallon Henley vs. Tiffany Stratton (Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifying Match)

Collar and elbow, struggling in the ropes, a shoving match breaks out, Stratton with a mat slam and Henley returns an elbow and a mat slam of her own! Tiffany begs off in the ropes, another mat slam, slide under, Fallon gets a half-crab! Stratton up top, Henley cuts her off, jockeying for position, superplex connects... NOT ENOUGH!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, trading forearms in the middle of the ring, heel kick from Henley, cover for two! Stratton World’s Strongest Slams her through the ropes and to the floor! To the post, knees into the steel, bending her legs over it, Fallon gets a kick, Tiffany a spinebuster... NOPE!

Stepover toehold, bridging back, Henley gets out, facebuster, cover for two! Back and forth, Stratton with a chop block, double jump...

Tiffany Stratton wins by pinfall with the Prettiest Moonsault Ever, qualifying for the Iron Survivor Challenge.

Backstage, Wes Lee is interviewed.

He says his head is right and his body’s right and he’s back on track with a whole list of things to get after, starting with winning his title back from Dominik Mysterio.

Baron Corbin rolls up to tell him nobody cares and Lee asks why he’s so angry before telling him Ilja Dragunov’s gonna beat the brakes off of him but he’d be happier if he did it himself.

Bron Breakker walks into an interview and he warns Von Wagner that this is gonna be the shortest comeback ever and he’s gonna desecrate his corpse for thinking he could ever beat Bron Breakker.

Bron makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Donovan Dijak cuts a promo asking Mick Foley why he put Tyler Bate in a match he cannot win.

Bron Breakker vs. Von Wagner

Wagner taking it to him early, strikes in the corner until he falls out of the ring, big knee lift, whip reversed, Breakker jumps off the steel steps right into a big boot from Von! Mounted punches in the corner, elbows, Bron with a double leg into mounted punches! Back body drop, Steiner Recliner applied in the middle of the ring!

Robert Stone cheering his buddy on, Wagner gets to his feet and puts Bron face-first into the turnbuckles to break the hold! Right hand from Breakker but Von straightens up and fires his own punches back! Whip across, leaping lariat, another lariat, underhooks, butterfly suplex connects!

Stinger Splash, off the ropes, big boot and Wagner is fired up! Fireman’s carry, Bron slips out, shoves him off, leg lariat takes Breakker off his feet but can’t keep him down! To the floor, Bron with a low blow in front of Stone, he grabs him and military presses him but Von saves his buddy! Breakker plants him with a spear!

Back in the ring...

Bron Breakker wins by pinfall with a spear.

Post-match, Stone attacks Bron with a steel chair! Wagner catches Breakker before he can do much to Robert and powerbombs him through the announce desk! Stone is fired up for Von finishing him and they hug!

Carmelo Hayes is interviewed backstage.

He tells the whole world he didn’t attack Trick Williams, and he’s worried Trick is listening to all these voices pointing fingers at him and he’s gonna give him answers face to face because he owes him that as part of Trick-Melo Gang.

Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice make their entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Brawling Brutes cut a promo at Out the Mud about how they also grew up on the streets and are very tough boys.

Elektra Lopez & Lola Vice vs. Kelani Jordan & Roxanne Perez

Arianna Grace makes her entrance to cut a promo about how she wants to see everyone showcase their talents and she sits on the stage for this one.

Lopez and Perez to start, trading strikes, scoop, fallaway slam and a tag to Vice! Lola with an axe kick, cross armbar, pinfall counter and Roxanne grabs a wristlock and wrenches it in! Perez with a tag and an arm drag, Jordan with an arm drag and a dropkick, cover for two!

Front chancery applied, backed into the corner, tag to Lopez and a charging uppercut connects! Mat slam, elbow drop, cover for two! Vice back in, hip swivel, running hip attack and they work Kelani over! She gets away and tags Perez in, Lou Thesz Press, mounted punches, clear the apron, Lola cuts her down with kicks and tags Elektra in!

Off the ropes, big lariat, cover for two! Vice in control, Perez cuts her off with a side Russian legsweep, fired up, tag made! Jordan cutting everybody down with elbows, cartwheel back elbow, overdrive connects but Elektra is right there to break it up! Working her over, malfunction at the junction, Perez takes Lola to the floor...

Kelani Jordan & Roxanne Perez win by pinfall with the Arabian press split-legged moonsault from Jordan on Elektra Lopez.

Arianna Grace interrupts the announcements to talk about how we, the fans, are the real winner— KARMEN PETROVIC CUTS HER OFF AND BLINDSIDES HER!

Joe Gacy cuts a promo where he talks about his history, people calling him the weird guy and the maniac and he kept the voice so quiet he could barely hear it but it was still there. Now it’s like he’s in his own personal hell and maybe he does know what to do.

Otis Dozovic makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Ilja Dragunov cuts a promo about how Carmelo Hayes was a warrior and he’ll look fondly back on their battles but Baron Corbin is a force, and they may have met before, but with the title on his shoulder he’s a different man, and the only person who can slay the dragon is the dragon himself.

We cut to Baron Corbin watching backstage when Edris Enofe, Malik Blade, Hank Walker, and Tank Ledger roll up to tell him he should be worried, but he scoffs and shrugs it off.

Drew Gulak vs. Otis Dozovic

Collar and elbow, Gulak with a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block! Hip swivel, Drew with a leg kick, side headlock, Dozovic shakes him off, wristlock, short-arm belly bump! Posting Otis, charging uppercut, Gulak goes up top, diving lariat connects! Fired up, cover for two!

Dozer plowing him under, calling for it, Caterpillar connects...

Otis Dozovic wins by pinfall with a powerbomb.

Kiana James chats backstage with Tiffany Stratton about the Iron Survivor Challenge and how they’re carrying the whole division on their backs.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Jacy Jayne gets visited by some lower level members of the D’Angelo Family and given an envelope to give to Andre Chase.

She opens it and starts reading it when he arrives to tell her reading people’s mail is illegal and she doesn’t want to be involved in this anyway. Duke Hudson and Thea Hail roll up and Jacy changes the subject by pointing out they have a tag title defense next week.

Chase calls class off for the day and is real nervous as he looks at the papers.

Donovan Dijak vs. Tyler Bate (Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifying Match)

Bate fighting out of the corner early, uppercut, cover for two! Big dive to the floor, Dijak crawling away from him, Tyler goes for a crossbody but Don catches him and throws him over the barricade and into the crowd as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Dijak with a nearfall off the chokeslam! Bate with an airplane spin, trading hands, duck Cyclone Kill, lariat for two! Release suplex, Tall Don goes up top, Tyler cuts him off, German superplex, Dijak lands on his feet... TYLER BATE KICKS OUT OF THE CYCLONE KILL!

Backbreaker rack, Bate lands on his feet, right hands, underhooks, back body drop counters! Boot up in the corner, Tyler off the second, caught... FEAST YOUR EYES! IT’S OVER!

Donovan Dijak wins by pinfall with Feast Your Eyes, qualifying for the Iron Survivor Challenge.

We see Trick Williams arrive and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a hype reel for Iron Survivor Challenge.

Carmelo Hayes is in the ring and on the mic.

He wants to cut to the chase and says this is bigger than titles, it’s about his friend and brother Trick Williams, and he wants to talk about it.

Enter Trick Williams.

Hayes says before he says anything he wants to say he understands why he’s upset at losing the opportunity of a lifetime, but he needs to understand that roadblocks are part of the journey. He needed somebody by his side and he called Williams and he shared the glory with him, his best friend. Without Trick, there’d be no Melo, so before you accuse him—

Williams cuts him off and says that’s what’s so confusing, Hayes’ success has been his success. He heard all the critiques and took all the beatdowns to make sure Melo didn’t miss. Carmelo says it worked and when he won, they won. Trick says exactly, whenever *he* won, and now that Trick has the ball and is taking shots, why can’t Hayes be there the same way he was?!

Or better yet, the question he needs to know, did he— Hayes cuts him off and asks if he believed in him and says yes he did, before the chants, he was there for him. When the NFL didn’t work out, he was there for him, and he knew he was destined for greatness and had the potential to be a once-in-a-lifetime performer.

Williams says he just wants to do his own thing and have his moments and his main events and it’s only fair. Whenever Hayes needed him, he was there, he put his heart and soul into all the fancy entrances, but where is he when Trick needs him? Melo asks if what he’s saying means he didn’t see who attacked him, and Williams says he got hit in the head and the only voice he remembers hearing is Carmelo’s.

He says he only thought his chance at the title was gone, and Hayes asks again if he really didn’t see who attacked him, and Trick gets upset that that’s all he’s concered about and asks him point blank if he attacked him.

Before he can answer, Lexis King makes his entrance.

He says we’ve got quite a paradox here, a friend who was brutally assaulted and his best friend was the first man at the scene of the crime. Melo tells him to shut the hell up and mind his own business, and Trick agrees. King tells them to relax and he’s just trying to help get to the bottom of this, and it seems to him that everybody knows who did it.

It could have been someone else, someone new, someone dark and dirty like you’ve never seen, a mind dark and twisted with thoughts unclean. He asks Williams if he’s sure Carmelo attacked him, Trick tells him to leave, Lexis doubles down, Williams takes a swing but King ducks and he decks Hayes instead!

A frustrated Melo takes a swing as Trick tries to check on him! Williams turns back to his friend and extends a hand, pulls him up, and pulls him in for a hug! Hayes stares angrily at the camera.

That’s the show, folks.

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