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The Miz is the new number one contender to the Intercontinental championship

GUNTHER went back and forth with The Miz on Monday Night Raw last week but while they seemed to be setting up a singles match between the two, WWE didn’t simply go straight to it. Instead, a Fatal 4-Way was booked with Miz getting one of those slots.

Ricochet, Bronson Reed, and Ivar, in a pleasant surprise, filled in the other three.

The match was shockingly good for a Fatal 4-Way — and then the finish came. Ivar hit a moonsault on Ricochet while Bronson Reed tried to come off the top rope on The Miz, only for Miz to move out of the way. Both Ivar and Miz went for a pinfall at the same time and the referee counted to three.

Only Ricochet managed to kick out at two.

The way it was played on the broadcast, everyone was confused — including the referee — and commentary argued over who the rightful winner of the match was. It was only a replay that showed Miz was the rightful winner.

It did open the door for Ivar to attack Miz after the match, earning loud “you suck” chants and setting up an obvious program.

Either way, The Miz will be next up for GUNTHER at Survivor Series on Nov. 25, 2023, in Chicago, Illinois.

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