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WWE reportedly has ‘massive’ interest in signing NJPW Women’s champ Giulia

The Stardom standout’s arrival may not be as imminent as the initial report made it seem, however.

Triple H & his team missed out on bringing Sareee back into the fold (new U.S.-based joshi promotion Sukeban announced they’ve signed the former Sarray a multi-year deal), but she apparently wasn’t the only female wrestler from Japan WWE’s been scouting.

“Sources in Japan” tell PWInsider that WWE is “attempting to court” NJPW Strong Women’s champion Giulia. Per one Insider source, the effort to sign the Stardom main event-er is far enough along that Giulia is “expected at the WWE Performance Center sometime this month.”

Fans & industry watchers have long believed Giulia was destined for WWE. The 29 year old is a critics’ favorite for her ringwork, and has the presence & look of a star. She’s won pretty much every title and accolade possible in Stardom since joining the Bushiroad-owned promotion in 2019 after just a couple years in the business, and currently holds their Artist of Stardom trios title with her Donna Del Mondo faction-mates Mai Sakurai and Thekla. She’s also the reigning NJPW Strong Women’s champion, and New Japan (also owned by Bushiroad) is said to be anxious to book her in a dream match with Mercedes Moné whenever the former Sasha Banks is cleared from her ankle injury.

But while news WWE would pursue Giulia makes sense, a follow-up report from Wrestling Observer claims it won’t be possible until next year:

Dave Meltzer has confirmed Giulia is under contract to Bushiroad until March 2024. Regarding her possibly being at the WWE PC later this month, it’s doubtful Bushiroad would allow this, and her booking schedule would make it difficult up until January’s NJPW Battle in the Valley in San Jose.

Giulia just successfully defended her New Japan title at New Japan’s Oct. 28 show in Las Vegas, Fighting Spirit Unleashed. It was her second recent visit to the States, as she also won a 4way at Impact & NJPW’s Multiverse United 2 event in Philadelphia on Aug. 20 with her belt on the line.

Is it just a matter of time before she’s based out of the United States, working as a WWE Superstar?

Stay tuned.

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