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Shawn Michaels sounds thrilled about CM Punk’s WWE return

CM Punk has been a polarizing figure in pro wrestling for as long as I can remember, and the reactions to his return to WWE at Survivor Series 2023 are no different.

For every person like Kevin Owens who doesn’t sound thrilled about Punk being back in WWE, there’s at least one Shawn Michaels out there who is extremely happy and excited to see what comes next.

In fact, you can listen to HBK explain his very favorable thoughts on Punk’s return during this clip from an upcoming interview on Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg:

Shawn Michaels says he can relate to Punk as someone who wasn’t the most popular person backstage but was damn good and dependable at his job in the ring. HBK reiterates that he’s happy for Punk, happy for WWE, and happy for WWE fans. The controversial nature of Punk’s return is part of what makes it so fantastic, in HBK’s view.

It might be tempting to think HBK is glowingly positive about Punk because he’s now in WWE management and is best friends with the guy who brought Punk back. And while I’m sure there’s some of that ingrained in HBK’s response, it’s worth pointing out that Michaels put his neck on the line for Punk many years ago during CM’s first WWE run, so I think he’s being genuine when he talks about personally liking Phil Brooks and relating to him as a person.

Do you share HBK’s optimism for Punk’s latest WWE run? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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