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Kevin Owens doesn’t sound thrilled about CM Punk’s WWE return

Kevin Owens is the latest WWE star to be asked about CM Punk’s surprise return to the promotion at Survivor Series 2023.

Before I get to Kevin’s response, it’s important to know that KO is friends with the Young Bucks and was believed by some folks to have taken a shot at Punk in the aftermath of CM’s backstage fight with The Elite last year in AEW.

With that out of the way, here is what Owens had to say about Punk’s return in an interview with James Williams:

“I just want to have fun at work. So if he’s got that mindset, great.”

I do recommend that you listen to KO’s response, because his awkward and unexcited tone might be lost in the words alone. That being said, check out how different KO’s answer is right after that when asked about the return of Randy Orton:

“I love Randy. I’m so happy he’s back. And he’s much needed. To me, having him around in the locker room is an absolute positive...besides the fact that he’s a fantastic performer and he’s a legend, there’s some people that are just good to have around. He’s good to have around. He’s good for the morale.

...there are people that are leaders without saying, ‘I’m a leader.’ You know, they don’t need to be. They just are. Randy’s one of them. So when he’s around, everybody just steps up their game just because Randy Orton’s here. And I love that.”

Owens’ obvious enthusiasm for Orton’s return stands out in stark contrast to his brief and more muted reaction about Punk. His note about admiring Randy for being a quiet leader also reminds me of recent and past stories of CM Punk going out of his way to tell wrestlers he was the locker room leader, only to not be taken seriously in that role.

What do you make of Kevin’s reaction to CM Punk’s WWE return, Cagesiders?

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