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Raspy voiced John Cena cooks on SmackDown

WWE taped this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown last week, what with the company traveling to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel, and that typically means a lesser show. But that’s not always the case. No, sometimes you also get a really good segment thrown in halfway through.


That would be Solo Sikoa telling John Cena he was ordered to give him a microphone so Cena could tell the people goodbye because after Crown Jewel he won’t be able to. That’s a pretty damn good line.

But then this:

“Do you realize who you’re in the ring with? We’ve been waiting for you to talk for over a year, and that’s all you bring to the table? Oh man, I can do this with half a voice and it’s only going to take 90 seconds to cook ya. I’m going to say goodbye, but I’m not going to say goodbye to them I’m going to say goodbye for them. We all know the only reason you got a job here is because of your cousin. And we all see you, homie, walking around thinking you’re some big badass enforcer when you’re nothing but a bargain basement Taz ripoff. So do me a solid, Solo, and tape your thumb up extra tight because the only place it’s getting stuck tomorrow is straight up your ass. Yeah, that’s about 90 seconds.”

That would be John Cena, with a super raspy voice, deciding to go fully old school Cena and absolutely cook Solo Sikoa in a very short period of time.

Let’s get this match going now, please.

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