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Alexa Bliss & Ryan Cabrera introduce their baby to the world

Alexa Bliss’ Instagram

The wrestling family keeps growing, as WWE’s Alexa Bliss & her husband Ryan Cabrera give us our second birth announcement of the day*.

Hendrix Rouge Cabrera was born on Monday (Nov. 27). And as Alexa and her man like to do, the baby got her own entrance video. Posted to Instagram by new Girl Dad Ryan (clearly identified as such by some snazzy headwear), it featured Hendrix being walked to the ring her room with soundtrack by her namesake. She also gets a wrestling intro which reveals her weight as 6 pounds, 9 ounces. It also bills her as “21 inches of fury”...

Join us in sending our congratulations to the Cabreras!

* And, by my count, fourth of November. as babies Will babies Guevara and Cabrera someday join the newest members of the Cage and Polinsky clans in an 11/23 faction that will dominate the business? Never say never, wrestling fans.

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