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WWE reportedly has plans for a CM Punk/Roman Reigns feud

As pretty much anyone who’s been following along with CM Punk’s return to WWE has guessed, Sports Illustrated’s write-up on the Punk/WWE reunion confirms that Seth Rollins will be the first big feud of Punk’s second run with the company.

But Justin Barrasso claims that Triple H has an even bigger name lined up for Punk after he’s done with Rollins, which may not be until after April 6:

There are plans for Punk to feud with Roman Reigns, Sports Illustrated has learned. But it will not be Punk against Reigns first, as that spot belongs to Rollins. A feud between Rollins and Punk is a massive positive for both men. Punk can still wrestle at a high-level, but his work will only be enhanced in the ring with a world-class wrestler like Rollins. While it is not the current favorite, there is plenty of reason to believe Punk-Rollins could serve as the main event for the opening night of WrestleMania 40. For Rollins, that would simply not be the case without Punk.

A Reigns/Punk feud would be fascinating, even if Cody Rhodes finishes his story this year and ends Roman’s historic reign in Philadelphia (Barrasso and others have reported that Rhodes vs. Reigns II is still WWE’s plan for next year’s ‘Mania). There’s a built in angles between the Best in the World and the Tribal Chief, and they stretch beyond their both being Paul Heyman guys. While it may not have been Punk’s intention, his comments about WWE’s early handling of Reigns on the main roster, and how Roman wasn’t in his own initial plans for The Shield likely contributed to the fan’s rejection of The Big Dog in the 2010s.

Reigns’ public comments about a possible Punk match or feud have made it clear he’s willing to do business. They also make it seem like he may harbor some resentment about how Punk telling the world he was told to “make Roman look strong” made his job harder for years... or he could just be selling that idea to generate even more box office for a possible showdown.

It sounds like we may find out just how big the box office will be for Punk vs. Reigns in the not too distant future.

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