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Former TNA owner Dixie Carter was backstage at WWE Raw

It’s pretty far down on the “hell freezes over” scale, especially considering what we got as Survivor Series was going off the air on Sat., Nov. 25 and in the main event of Raw last night (Nov. 27).

And when you think about how many of the people currently working at WWE as talent and behind-the-scenes spent some time at TNA/Impact Wrestling — and how close-knit the wrestling business tends to be — it’s not even all that terribly surprising. She’s done business with the company before, after all.

Still feels weird to see former TNA owner Dixie Carter backstage at Raw though. But with WWE in Nashville, Tennessee on Monday, there she was. Carter posted pics with several former employees and co-workers, including the man she thanked for inviting her, former TNA Senior Vice President and current WWE Executive Director Bruce Prichard:

Does the heart good to see Rockstar Spud (current WWE writer James Curtin, fka Drake Maverick) reunited with Madam Dixie.

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