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CM Punk’s first promo back in WWE on Raw

After too many years to bother counting, CM Punk made his return to Monday Night Raw this week at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, just days after his shocking return to WWE at Survivor Series in Chicago. What would he do? What would he have to say?!?

They promised he would get a live microphone as the show came on the air. Then they made us wait all night to actually hear from him.

Because of course they would.

By the time he was in the ring with a mic there were only 6 minutes left in the broadcast.

“It looks like hell froze over. And when I mean hell froze over I mean this is me standing in a WWE ring on Monday Night Raw with a live microphone in my hand.”

And then, a surprise.

He said he’s changed.

And he’s scared of two words he needs to say, and even more scared at how true those two words actually are:

“I’m home.”

He said this is where he belongs, and for 10 years the people never forgot him and that’s powerful. They always chanted his name and he is so grateful for that. That’s why he’s back as much as anything. Because he loves the fans, and they are his home too.

Everyone has welcomed him with open arms — well, maybe not everybody. And it’s because some people are afraid, of what they don’t understand, but they will soon enough. The Best in the World is back, and he’s here to get everything he ever wanted out of this company. The Wiseman once told him he would have to leave and come back to get that.

Well, now he’s back.

After his music started playing to send him out, he told the camera “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make money” with a smile.

He’s going to make plenty of it.

The full promo:

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