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CM Punk returns to WWE at Survivor Series

Holy shit!

WWE teased out Randy Orton maybe not actually returning for the War Games match in the main event of Survivor Series at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois. It led to all the obvious speculation that perhaps WWE went and actually decided to do business with the one and only CM Punk again, and he would be the mystery man stepping into his place.

Then, the main event happened and when it came time, Orton’s music hit.

The match played out, and the babyfaces went over, defeating The Judgment Day in a really fun main event. They were celebrating in the ring and everyone was happy and ready to go home.

And then that familiar static hit the loud speakers.

Followed by Cult of Personality.

And by god if CM Punk didn’t walk out, take a look at his watch, and let us know that it is indeed once again clobbering time in WWE.

Holy shit!

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