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Predicting the match order at Survivor Series 2023

It’s one thing to predict the winners and losers at Survivor Series 2023, but how about taking a guess at the match order for the event?

Survivor Series takes place tonight (Sat., Nov. 25) near Chicago, Illinois. It begins at 8 pm ET live on Peacock (in the U.S.) and WWE Network (everywhere else).

WWE has announced five different segments for the main card of this event. Here is my subjective view of how important each of these seven segments rank, ordered from most important to least important.

  1. Men’s War Games
  2. Women’s War Games
  3. GUNTHER vs. The Miz
  4. Rhea Ripley vs. Zoey Stark
  5. Dragon Lee vs. Santos Escobar

War Games

The two War Games matches will likely bookend this event, with one in the opening segment and the other in the main event.

The choice here seems very straightforward; the men’s War Games match has been presented as a bigger deal than the women’s match and also features the return of Randy Orton. It’s the obvious main event match on this card.

The story of the women’s War Games match is focused on whether or not Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair can co-exist and work together on the same team. In some ways this story is calling back to two years ago when there was a heated backstage incident between Lynch and Flair after a championship exchange segment did not go as planned. Becky and Charlotte ended up working the opening match of Survivor Series that year. It looks like they’ll be back in that very same spot this year, so they’ll need to resolve these issues ASAP.

That gives me the following card:

Segment 1: Women’s War Games
Segment 2:
Segment 3:
Segment 4:
Segment 5: Men’s War Games

Everything else

WWE doesn’t typically place women’s matches in consecutive segments, which means I won’t put Rhea Ripley in Segment 2. However, I’m not sure that I want to put her right next to The Judgment Day’s main event match either. Therefore I’ll put her right in the middle of the card in Segment 3.

After that, it’s a choice between GUNTHER and Santos Escobar for Segments 2 and 4. GUNTHER’s match is more predictable but has championship stakes. I’ll just follow my usual path of putting the least important match in Segment 2, so that’s where Escobar goes.

Finalized card

So here is my final prediction for the match order at Survivor Series 2023, along with guesses on the bell-to-bell match times:

Segment 1: Women’s War Games (31 minutes)
Segment 2: Dragon Lee vs. Santos Escobar (11)
Segment 3: Rhea Ripley vs. Zoey Stark (9)
Segment 4: GUNTHER vs. The Miz (12)
Segment 5: Men’s War Games (38)

That’s my prediction for the match order at Survivor Series. What’s yours?

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