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Santos Escobar could have new allies for his war with the LWO (Possible SPOILERS)


When Santos Escobar broke bad and took out Rey Mysterio, his old Legado Del Fantasma followers Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde didn’t follow him. Instead, they stayed LWO. After helping Mysterio post-Escobar beatdown, they stood up for Zelina Vega when she confronted Santos — and caught a beating from their former leader in the process.

So is it just going to be Escobar against the world from here on out? Not according to this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, which has a report on WWE’s current plan for the LWO split.

Originally, Del Toro and Wilde were going to join Santos and feud with Rey, Carlito, and a third person (believed to be Dragon Lee). Instead it now looks like the tag team formerly known as Los Lotharios — Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo — will return to the main roster from NXT to side with Escobar.

The real-life Garza cousins have been re-establishing themselves in NXT after their run as a comedy tag team on Raw and SmackDown. They have a Tag title shot coming to them in WWE’s developmental/third brand, but given how frequently main roster talent works NXT these days, that isn’t really an impediment to a call-up.

Per the Observer Newsletter, there’s also speculation Elektra Lopez could join The Garzas and give Escobar’s squad a member who can feud with Vega, but Dave Meltzer emphasizes that that is only speculation and “not at all confirmed”.

Whoever’s coming up, it seems like something that could happen at Survivor Series tomorrow (Nov. 25) when Escobar faces Carlito... if not on tonight’s go home episode of SmackDown.

Stay tuned.

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