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Bayley’s actually got people talking about a Sasha Banks WWE return

Forget CM Punk. That’s so ten minutes ago. The hot new unlikely surprise Survivor Series return is Sasha Banks.

Never mind that the last time we saw Mercedes Moné (the name the 6 time WWE Women’s champion last wrestled as), she was still recovering from ankle surgery. Or that as far as we know she’s committed to New Japan Pro-Wrestling for at least a match or two once she’s cleared. We now have speculation out there on the wrestle web that Sasha Banks could be back to help Damage CTRL in their WarGames match, or possibly to help Bayley should Damage CTRL turn on her during or after their WarGames match.

How did that come to be? All it took for to get “Sasha Banks” trending with wrestling fans on social media today (Nov. 24) was this Instagram Story from Mercedes’ old pal Bayley...

To be fair, it’s a very enticing tease. They’re all happy in that picture, but Bayley & Sasha’s rivalry with Kabuki Warriors Asuka & Kairi Sane was a fierce one. When Sane returned and Asuka turned to join Damage CTRL, WWE had the characters address it... but everyone expects the Japanese wrestlers are just biding their time before kicking Bayley to the curb. A Mercedes return at that point could be electric.

But it’s not gonna happen, at least not this weekend in Chicago.


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