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Josh Briggs, Blair Davenport qualify for Iron Survivor Challenge matches

We’re deep into qualifiers for the Iron Survivor Challenge matches at the upcoming NXT Deadline premium live event scheduled for Sat., Dec. 9, 2023, in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Dijak and Trick Williams were the first to qualify on the men’s side while Tiffany Stratton and Lash Legend were the first in the women’s match.

This week, JBL was tasked with putting together two matches to set up the next two entrants.

First, Josh Briggs pulled off a shocker when he hit a huge moonsault and pinned Carmelo Hayes. It wasn’t entirely clean, of course. Lexis King showed up and caused a distraction that helped Briggs regain the advantage with a huge lariat just before the big moonsault. It’s an interesting wrinkle in ‘Melo’s story, and gives Briggs the biggest win of his brief career in NXT.

Later, Thea Hail, with all the issues surrounding Chase U still swirling, failed to get passed Blair Davenport when, as Vic Joseph put it, she didn’t get the support from the Chase U section that walked out last week.

That gives us 6 of the 10 total wrestlers in each match. Conveniently enough, there are two weeks remaining until Deadline and two slots open in both matches.

Get complete NXT results and coverage of this week’s episode of television right here.

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