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Santos Escobar is disappointed with the fans: ‘I’m by myself from now on’

Santos Escobar delivered a loaded speech on Friday night’s SmackDown (Nov. 17). After a vile yet impassioned promo where he expressed a disturbing wish for Rey Mysterio to lose his leg, Escobar had more to say after the show.

In a digital exclusive, Escobar spoke with Kayla Braxton, who gave Escobar a chance to walk back his statement. Instead, the man once known as El Hijo del Fantasma stood firm on his feelings toward his former mentor and hero, Mysterio.

“Kayla, I’m a grown man,” said Escobar. “I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. And what I said was that I hope he never comes back.”

Escobar continued, saying he wasn’t angry at the situation but disappointed, not just with Rey Mysterio and the rest of the LWO but also with the fans.

“I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed in every single person in this Arena and at home. Did you hear that? They have the nerve to boo me, boo me. I was betrayed by all of them. I thought I had a family. Family is everything to me. I thought I had a family. They’re gone. I’m by myself from now on.”

Alone, Escobar will have an opportunity to gain revenge against the man who came between him and Rey Mysterio when Escobar meets Carlito at the Survivor Series on Nov. 25.

However, Escobar isn’t the only person with something to say about the situation. On the SmackDown post-show, SmackDown LowDown, Carlito responded to Escobar’s comments while making his intentions known for the Survivor Series.

“Well, he said a lot of things, and he did a lot of harsh things,” said Carlito. “Unfortunately, Rey Mysterio is not here, but Carlito’s here. And at Survivor Series, I’m going to get payback for Rey Mysterio. That’s cool.”

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