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Cody Rhodes’ appearance on SmackDown served multiple purposes

If you’re still holding out hope that the brand split will ever be more than something WWE adheres to when it’s convenient and ignores when it gets in the way of anything else they want to do, Cody Rhodes showing up on SmackDown last night (Nov. 17) was probably pretty annoying.

Before he ran in to help LA Knight fend off The Bloodline, they did plant a seed earlier in the show that can used to explain his presence. It seems the American Nightmare was there to talk some business with the blue brand’s General Manager, Nick Aldis.

Presumably they weren’t just reminiscing about that time they had a title match on a big indie show in Chicago. So what were they talking about?

Seeing as Aldis apparently approved Charlotte Flair calling Raw’s Becky Lynch in to finalize the women’s WarGames for Survivor Series, the safest assumption is probably that Cody was there to talk about a fifth member for his team now that Drew McIntyre looks to be Team Judgment Day.

Reports indicate that person will be Randy Orton. But as some have asked, should The Viper’s first match back from a career threatening injury be the notoriously brutal Match Beyond? And even if that is the call, it doesn’t hurt to do a little something to create suspense before the reveal. Let fans think Rhodes was there to ask if he can borrow Kevin Owens back for one night. He helped orchestrate the trade that got KO on Friday nights in the first place, after all.

Or maybe we’re to think LA Knight could round out Team Cody? That seems unlikely — LA doesn’t really have any issues with Judgment Day. But it does make you wonder how Knight’s mission to end The Bloodline will mesh with Rhodes’ quest to finish his story. Is there a way to present them both as playing in role in breaking up the most dominant group WWE’s seen since Roman Reigns’ last stable? Or are the two popular babyfaces destined to clash as they both try to become the first new Universal champion in years?

There’s one thing Cody’s presence definitely did: insert him back into Bloodline business. As we get ready for Royal Rumble season and start down the Road to WrestleMania, something was going to happen to put them in each other’s orbit. Apparently, it was the Grandson of a Plumber’s inability to stand by while Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa ganged up on the Megastar.

It just happened to happen while Cody was there exploring his Survivor Series options. And Aldis seemed okay with that. But just like last week when KO couldn’t stick to commentary, the GM took action when Rhodes did more than just talk.

Works for me. Let us know if Cody’s visit to SmackDown intrigued or frustrated you in the comments below.

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