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Santos Escobar is El Lobo Solitario in WWE’s telenovela starring the LWO

WWE’s answer to a Latin American soap opera is expected to take its latest turn on SmackDown.

The future of the LWO may be determined tonight on SmackDown as the fallout from Santos Escobar’s betrayal of Rey Mysterio begins to unfold.

Last week, Escobar turned on his hero and mentor after fellow LWO member Carlito accused Escobar of intentionally costing Mysterio the United States Championship at Crown Jewel. That accusation prompted Escobar to question why the WWE Hall of Famer was treating Carlito like family. Tempers flared, and things turned physical before Escobar launched into a full assault on Mysterio, “injuring” him in the process.

Meanwhile, Escobar has taken to social media to call himself Lobo Solitario, or the Lone Wolf, perhaps indicating where he stands with the LWO. The former El Hijo del Fantasma also used his platform on X to wish anything but a speedy recovery to Mysterio, the man he once adored.

As shocking as Escobar’s betrayal was to some, issues between Escobar and Mysterio began to surface after the two wrestled each other this past summer in the finals of the United States Title Invitational tournament. Escobar won the match after Mysterio was ruled unfit to continue after suffering a concussion.

Weeks later, then-champion Austin Theory attacked Escobar, rendering him unable to compete for Theory’s championship. Mysterio then slid into the match and won the title. Weeks later, Mysterio defeated Escobar on SmackDown to retain the U.S. Championship.

Aside from the personal jealousy Escobar’s character displayed toward Mysterio’s relationship with Carlito, it’s fair to assume that professional envy may also factor in the burgeoning saga between Escobar, Mysterio, and the rest of the LWO.

How do you see this telenovela playing out, Cagesiders? Give us your thoughts in the comments section.

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